Managing Users

Basic User Administration #

When logged in as an NiDB administrator, click on the Admin menu item in the upper right of the main page.

Admin menu. Used for all administration task.

On the Admin page, click the Users button. This will display a list of existing users, in 3 tabs. Users are associated with instances (project groups) within NiDB. The first tab displays all users within the current instance. The instance can be changed by clicking the instance list in the upper left menu. The second tab lists all users, across all instances. The third tab lists deleted users. Clicking on a user will give options to view or edit existing users. Depending on the authentication method for your installation of NiDB, user passwords may or may be able to be changed on the user details page.

Project Access #

Users by default have no access to any projects. To allow access to specific projects, click on a user on the main users page. A list of NiDB instances, and projects will be displayed. Select the instances and project permissions for this user. Click Save to update the permissions.

Authentication (Login) Methods #

NIS Users #

If NiDB is running on a Linux system which uses NIS to manage Linux logins, entry to NiDB can be authenticated using NIS credentials. There is no need to manually create these users with NiDB. The first time a user logs in to NiDB using their Linux credentials, NiDB will automatically note that they are a user within NiDB.

Login credentials (usernames and passwords) for NIS are not managed through NiDB, they must be managed from the Linux environment.

Regular Users #

To add a new regular user, click the Add User button to create a new user. Fill out their information, and click Create. This user will be

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